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Released March 26, 2013 for Rock Band
Chevelle 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Wonder What's Next (2002)

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Reviews (1) >> Review by Caleb (Guitar) Show:
Seeend the paaain belowwwwwwww FEELS LIKE SUFFOHCAITIN Caleb
I apologize for the title...

um anyway.

This song is the one EVERYONE knows by this band. No doubt, if you listen to any hard rock radio station, this song was played at least once on it.

It's a pretty decent angst song, with a pretty cool chart to boot.

The verses are mainly some alt strum guitar root notes with chords thrown in here and there, and the choruses are your standard guitar chord alt strum stuffings that most songs are filled with.

The bridge is a cool alt strum chord section with hammer on chords and semi-fun patterns to play in them. It ends with one more strum lane section (notice how a lot of these chevelle songs have these?) and repeat the song to the end.

It's again, not a bad one, not as fun as Face to the Floor, but just barely. If you had to choose ONE song from the pack I would probably save this one for later. But it's pretty nostalgic, and it would probably go well at parties so there's that.

I do not regret buying this, and it earned a few more plays from me so I give it: 3.8/5
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