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Released April 19, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Five Score and Seven Years Ago (2007)

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A solid song for any vocalist m2cks
As a personal fan of the band, I want to express my complete excitement of their song(s) finally coming as DLC, as I have waited since the first Rock Band for them.
I cannot wait for more!

Now, on to the chart itself. The chart is accurate, with many jumps from high to low on both the verses and choruses (I cannot hit the lowest points of the verses in the original octave, unfortunately). The bridge is challenging but fun, and again it jumps around a lot. It was hard to pick out the right pitch in Solo, because the harmonies are very tight, so beware! From then on, it's sort of smooth sailing until the end.

I also jumped on harmonies briefly and it is a great song for partners, but I recommend practicing first, for some of the pitches can be tricky, especially for people not familiar for the song.

Overall, it is a solid experience, and it is definitely a fun song, and can be a possible choice for parties, even.
07.11.11 4:24am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Surprisingly active and fun bass chart. Saint Harri
Picked up the song expecting a fun vocals song and a decent guitar song, with little expectation for bass. Low and behold, bass turns out to be my favorite instrument to play on this track.

Your hands move all over the place to the point where this song probably deserved a three or four dot on this instrument in my opinion, and it's at a steady speed and never really slows down outside of the bridge. Not too hard, not too easy, and fun for a player of even the highest of skill levels.

Couldn't really ask for more from a catchy pop-rock song. Don't let the two-dot difficulty rating make you glance over it, definitely one of my favorite songs on the instrument!
05.27.11 5:02am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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