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Released October 19, 2010 for Rock Band
Jimmy Eat World 02
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Invented (2010)

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I guess I must be antisemitic... GEROMY
...because I'm not enjoying any of these JEW songs on bass!


*audience boos*


...I'll escort myself off the premises.

*walks off stage*


*walks back on stage*

Where was I? Right, reviewing Jimmy Eat World pack 02 on bass for some reason. I think this song is much weaker than Pain, even though they're both generic exercises in eighth notes.

The reason is twofold. First, this song is a lot slower, which makes it less fun to play. And secondly, there's practically no diversity in the rate at which you play-- Pain had the sections where you played nothing and a bit of sustain work during the solo to break up the monotony. This song? You keep chugging away at the bass with practically no changes in speed. You stop playing at one point, but by then you'll probably keep strumming out of boredom.

Really, don't buy this pack if you're a bassist. Or looking for good JEW songs for parties (because the other two are way superior).
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