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Released December 18, 2007 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: The Bends (1994)

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Extremely fun on the loud sections Madotsuki
Its too bad this is the only Radiohead song for dlc.
For the verses you will be playing a easy rhythm on the hi-hat with a few rides every once in awhile, with kicks that go along with the bass.
This continues until the pre-verse where it changes up slightly, then goes into the next verse.
For the verse you will be hitting a few quick loud crashes (as heard in the song) and then the loud part begins.
This loud part is what makes this 5 stars, you will be doing a number of syncopated kicks with rides and then some rolls to hi-hats until this loud part ends and into another verse.
The verse goes right into another loud part that is a much like the last one, except its longer this time.
Theres a short guitar+vocal break and then another loud part, that lasts for awhile until the song cuts off.
Overall this song is quite easy, but fun as hell during the loud parts.
If you like Radiohead, well this is the only song you can get by them (besides Creep, but Wii users like me can't get it), so why not buy it?
If you mostly play drums, this is a great, fun, easy song with plenty of great sections that are great for warming up or cooling down from a long night. But if you're looking for more of a challenge, you may want to look elsewhere.
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Great song, bad charting. moopuns
To most, Thom Yorke's voice is hard to mimic, and for good reasons. That being said, HMX tried to chart it anyway.
They failed.

There are obvious parts in the song, e.g. pitch flicks and scoops, that HMX failed to chart, especially prevalent in the third verse.

It's not that HMX did a bad job as it is that Yorke is just one of those people that can be hard to chart. Take it up with Tenacious D charts, though, and you see a clear difference that could have been charted.
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Single-notes, fast alt-strumming, interesting solo Madotsuki
Through several points in the verses, you're often playing slow moving single-notes that move up and down the fretboard in several different patterns, but are all pretty easy. At some points during these verses theres some pausing, and sometimes theres chords with single-notes.

The loud sections are the funnest parts of the song, with some quick single-note alt-strums, descending chords, and HO/POs. The vocal/guitar break in-between the loud sections are just some sustains until another loud part.

Theres a great solo that jumps around with single-notes a HO/POs, and eventually goes into this chord-to-HO/PO pattern that constant repeats for a bit for alot of the solo.

Overall, this song is pretty fun, with alot of movement with single-notes, some entertaining loud sections, and an interesting solo. Definitely recommended if you like the band.
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This is on the border between being good and great. You knew it was a slow-moving song when you bought it, so you can't fault it for that. Those slow sections are actually pretty engaging.

The fast sections are where it's at, though. You get you do some cascading HO/PO's, some rapid strumming, it's crazy but oddly tame at the same time.

If you like the song then you will definitely like it on guitar. If you don't like the song you probably won't see it as anything too special.

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A little dry at the beginning, but it picks up in the crazy sections. Plenty of goes up and down, a couple ho/po's. You won't be too bored.

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