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Released July 30, 2009 for Rock Band
Weezer 02
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Weezer (The Blue Album) (1994)

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Fast HO/PO sections, chords Madotsuki
Unlike most Weezer songs, this guitar chart is a blast.
The acoustic sections have you playing alot of fast HO/POs all over the fretboard in lots of different patterns, which is extremely rare for a Weezer song and is a hell of alot of the fun.
Alot of the other parts of the chart is consistent chords, pre-chord alt-strumming, and things of that nature, but the crazy acoustic sections come back quite often.
The chords speed up during the fast punk-like section and then jump into more fast rows of HO/POs for awhile.
Overall, this guitar chart is alot of fun, with its fast HO/POs, some easy strumming, and fast parts, making for a very entertaining chart by a band that doesn't usually have such outstanding guitar parts.
If you're mainly a guitar player, this a very enjoyable and fun chart to have in your library, and I would recommend it.
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The Workers Are Going Home Madotsuki play this great drum chart.
In the beginning of this song you're hitting the Hi-hat, Crash, and the Kick repeatedly with a break of some hi-hats and rides at some points, then more of the hi-hat/crash/kick slamming until the main verse.
During the main verse you're playing on the hi-hat with some quick snares sometimes that takes a bit of practice if you're not used to that sort of a thing.
Theres some other sections that are all pretty similiar but revolve around the crashes and feature syncopated kicks.
During the interlude you suddenly speed-up and start playing at a fast, punk-like rhythm, and then some more hi-hat/crash/kick smashing.
Overall, this song is alot of fun and at some points, a bit tricky, with alot of enjoyable sections and some great hi-hat/crash/kick smashing thats a great way to take your anger out on the drum kit.
If you're mainly a drummer, you will likely enjoy this Weezer track as it is very enjoyable on drums and is a great song all around.
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My Name is Jonas, I'm Playing Straight Quarter Notes Karmeleaux
This song is pretty fantabulous on guitar, as everyone knows. But bass, not so much.

You're playing straight quarter notes for almost the entirety of the song. It's SLIGHTLY more engaging than usual because the song's in 6/4 so you're playing only three per fret before moving on, but this song is too long for anything to excuse that.

The bridge is a bit different, in both that it is eighth notes instead and it actually has some fun stuff in it - it moves around the fretboard fairly quickly in some places, creating some decently fun patterns.

But the rest of the song is thoroughly unengaging, so the bridge only saves it from a one-star. Great to check out if you play guitar, though!

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