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Released May 14, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Countdown to Ecstasy (1973)

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Moves Around Like a Gypsy Queen in a Fairy Tale Karmeleaux
I'll open saying this bass has some flaws in it, that is, some slight repetition and dead space, but it's outweighed by the good.

Overall, this song moves around the fretboard slowly, but what makes it so good is not only are scales thrown in a fair amount, but when they are they tend to travel in packs. Every time I came close to thinking 'this is just a bit boring' I was dogpiled by short scales.

Its flaws are probably most obvious in the solos, where it has a fairly uninteresting rhythm that involves a small amount of dead space, but it throws in scales at the right time to keep it engaging to me.

Really, I don't see anyone not having fun in this. Even if it gets slightly repetitive to you in those few areas, it should have enough variation elsewhere to make up for it. Definitely recommended.

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