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Released May 7, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Fever In Fever Out (1996)

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It Feeeeels Alllright Iantagonist
This song is ridiculously simple on guitar and bass. The drums, however, are a lot more challenging and enjoyable. The pattern in this song repeats a lot, but it doesn't actually get old. It is a moderately fast drum line that changes in the chorus. Instead of being primarily RY and the B cymbal, it switches to being primarily RB with cymbals of the other colors thrown in. The beat played here is essentially the same because of its speed. The repetition in this song occasionally breaks with fast drumming on R and it's pretty fun to do.

Overall, despite being pretty repetitive, this song gets a 4 because of its enjoyable beat and the occasional surprises that appear between patterns.
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