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Released October 2, 2008 for Rock Band
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)

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Bass Solo! But that's really it. Karmeleaux
Before writing this review, the only thing I remembered about this song was 'BASS SOLO YES,' so I thought this would probably be my highest rated Chili Peppers song.

Well. The bass solo is still amazing. HO/POs upon HO/POs, tons of different fun movements, everything you want in a bass solo.

However, it's really the only change in the chart. The verse is built around what starts out as a unique movement, but quickly becomes frustrating in its repetition to me. Every now and then it will move to be rooted one fret higher, and then keep going about its business.

The chorus is long sustains, but if you were thinking 'well at least that's a change' guess what? You were wrong, after a few sustains you play the verse rhythm in the chorus.

Eventually you get to the bass solo, which is like finding an oasis in the desert to me, and there's an unfortunately sparse few scales in there to sustain you otherwise.

But really, outside of the bass solo, the chart itself is really unappealing. I'd probably avoid it when I have the choice.

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