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Released February 11, 2011 for Rock Band
February Heartache Duets
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Genre: Country
Album: Need You Now (2010)

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Harmonies tsunamishadow
YAY! I've requested this a while ago and it's on Rock Band 3.

Being that it is part of the Valentines-lovey-dovey-duet crap, its vocals are really the main point of the song.

They're not the most challenging vocal parts to learn, but still incredibly fun to play together. And it might be more popular than you think!

Lead takes Hillary's part, Harmony 1 takes Charles's part (including his verse) and Harmony 2 is Dave's part, which is only seen a couple of times.

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PRO KEYS: This song has a mediocre keyboard chart. First, you're playing this little deeeee-deeeee-doooo-doooo part just anxiously anticipating something exciting. Well you get it because you get this four-note chord thrown at you that's really easy to miss if you're not paying utmost attention. Then you play a few easier chords, back to the four-note chord again, some easy parts, etc.

Main problem is that there is WAY too much vacant time between notes so it's pretty boring. You'll use OD and only hit about five notes while it lasts cause you just sit there staring into space. The fact that there's some tricky notes here and there will ruin your combo and make it harder to 5-star. I say skip it if you want a good piano chart.
02.18.11 6:42pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
4/5 ordealbyfire
For being such a simple song, it's actually quite fun to play - there are a few guitar solos that aren't challenging at all, but "Need You Now"'s a pleasant surprise on guitar.
05.26.11 10:38pm 0 Replies | Reply -2 Relevance
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