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Released March 27, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Re-Record 2009 (2009)
Author: RockGamer

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I'll Never Lechuga Karmeleaux
The verses follow the guitar rhythm, though they move around the fretboard a bit more interestingly. It's not bad, but the strum pattern starts to wear thin after a point.

The chorus is slightly more engaging, if only because it throws in some fills that involve some thinking relative to the rest of the song. Small simple flourishes appear routinely, a single pull-off or a short fill.

The bridge is probably the most compelling part, though. Starting out on a small hammer-on slide to straight eighths on orange sets one's expectations low, but after a few measures of that it moves into fills into sustains into full scales into sustains. Unfortunately it ends shortly after that and we're back to the verse.

There's some fun things sprinkled in the chorus and the bridge for fans to find, but nothing to draw in people unfamiliar with the song. Also as with Semi-Charmed Life, there were complaints about the mix upon release so try the demo before going all in.

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