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Released December 8, 2015 for Rock Band

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Genre: Prog
Album: Underworld (2015)

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Yeah, no thanks Ospero
Sorry, no. Not even for a minute. Which, incidentally, is how long you'll last as an above-average to good expert-level guitarist. Worse than that, and you'll be kicked off stage about as fast as if you were playing "Through the Fire and Flames".

To clarify, I don't hate the song, but this guitar chart is just not fun unless you're among the top 1 percent of plastic guitarists (who might be the only ones still playing rhythm games, which would explain the high rating for this one...). I don't consider myself a weak player - there's still a platinum guitar icon from RB2 tucked away on my 360, after all, even if it took me like ten tries to get past "Visions".

"Nevermore", while nowhere near as unpleasant to listen to as that song, is structurally similar in that it starts at 150 percent and never ever lets up. It is too damn hard for me. Yes, I'll admit it: this song defeated me, same as "Hot for Teacher" did. If you're a stickler for the really (and I mean REALLY) tough ones, get it. Otherwise, unless you like this kind of music well enough to include a song in your library you won't get past without No Fail, avoid it.
12.17.15 9:20pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
The most fun I've had hurting my wrist since Mastur-ba-thon.

Make no mistake, this song is insanely hard and, like Caleb said, Doesn't let up for even a moment. Starts out the gate with an insanely hard alt-strum/Hammer-On portion that is its verses, alternating that with a sweeping pattern up and down the fret board, accented by an equally insane solo.

You will almost certainly need Breakneck speed for this one, or the rapid changes will all kind of mesh together.

The only thing I kind of don't like about this song is that the verse segment never seems to match up with what I;m hearing when I play. the strums seem to be at the wrong point. I fully admit that might just be me whining about being overwhelmed, though. Will revisit upon further investigation, once my wrist heals.
12.09.15 6:02am 1 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Dream Theater Jr? Arguable. Fun and insanely hard? Definitel Caleb
No surprise here, this song is the most demanding of the three.

Symphony X are one of the most revered Prog Metal/Power Metal bands in existence and it's about damn time they get represented.

Guitar never lets up even for a second. It's filled with insane arpeggios and complicated patterns that will leave inexperienced players in the dust. I struggled to keep up and I am a pretty damn competent expert guitarist. The guitar playing is along the lines of Yngvie Malmsteen so get your tapping fingers ready...

Would recommend to anybody looking for a challenge, and only to expert players who can fend for themselves.
12.08.15 7:03am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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