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Released November 19, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Them Crooked Vultures (2009)

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Them Awesome Bass Rhythms Karmeleaux
This is an absolutely fantastic (and overall incredibly diverse) bass song, plain and simple. Not really a surprise considering it's John Paul Jones.

The verse rhythm is something like R R G G O B Y O B Y ry repeat. Yeah, there's a pause before that HO/PO. In fact, that's a standard trick in this song that makes it really engaging, is the HO/POs require a better sense of timing than usual as they're not all coming 'at the same speed,' there's tiny pauses within the HO/PO sections.

In fact, this is most noticable in the chorus, where every line is followed by a bass flourish. It's absolutely great. Another verse and another chorus, then Laurie takes you to the bridge.

The bridge (or first 'guitar solo,' I guess) is built around the same kind of thing as the verse, that is it's built around something lik B B B yb B yb, but it has other movements up and down the fretboard in there to keep the bass feelin' fresh and funky.

From there, one more verse (which is starting to get old), then the outro, which is built around small scales of HO/PO, with the pauses in them, of course.

It's one of my favorite bass songs in the game (and a song I never play on guitar as a result). It's just got so much in it that I can't see any bassist getting tired of it overall.

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