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Released October 29, 2009 for Rock Band
Wolfmother 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Cosmic Egg (2009)

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The Missing Link Between Wolfmother and Cosmic Egg Karmeleaux
After playing through six songs by a band, you start to get a feel for their playing style. Yes you do shut up.

And the feel I got was Wolfmother was an album that was meant to be listened to, not played. The songs had pretty fun rhythms, but it was largely repetitive and a lot of songs suffered from long breaks without anything interesting on certain instruments.

Cosmic Egg, however, showcases stronger songs for a rhythm game (and personally songs I enjoy listening to). Lots of movement, lots of variation, and lots of subtle changes.

This song is kinda between the two in play style. The intro rhythm is kinda neat, but I'm pretty much done with it when it's gone here.

The verse rhythm is a lot of dead space with a 'duh-DUH' every now and then, suspiciously like War Pigs. This is not great fun to play on an bass/guitar, but it's probably significantly less noticeable if you're singing as well.

The prechorus, however, is an absolute blast with some short HO/PO parts, and the chorus is pretty enjoyable as well. The whole format repeats, with the chorus rhythm getting some variation for the breakdown. The intro rhythm is used in lieu of the verse rhythm for the final verse (getting repetitive), and the song ends shortly afterwards.

It's got a lot I dig to play (Cosmic Egg), but it's got a lot that doesn't translate as well to an enjoyable music game experience (Wolfmother). If you think you can sit through some slight repetition and largely dead space in the verses, it's a pretty good bass part, but I can see it not being everyone's cup of tea.

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