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Released January 4, 2011 for Rock Band
Rock Band Free Pack 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Bang Camaro II (2008)

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Even If a Bit Easier Than Other Bang Camero Songs, Still Fun Gigakoops
This one starts with a simple enough riff having you move up and down the neck, switching between green and higher notes, then ascending or descending. Then after this we have some green notes, chords, and a nice HOPO chain before starting the first verse. Here, we have a different version of the opening riff, with chords on the latter half and a sustain of each repetition.

The pre-chorus comes and offers some space between each set of chords. Then the chorus comes with chords and some nice and varied note filled, varying in speed. Repeat opening to chorus and we move on to the solo, which starts with a simple lead before moving into some semi-fast and fun HOPO sweeps.

The latter half of the last chorus has some challenging HOPO patterns, including a descending sweep of 21st notes. Pay attention and with some skill you can nail it. Then the outro switches between strumming green notes and ascending HOPO chains.

This song is a lot of fun, and if you get the Rock Band Free Pack, don't just leave it sitting there unplayed.
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