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Released July 27, 2010 for Rock Band
Avenged Sevenfold 01
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Genre: Metal
Album: Nightmare (2010)

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Nightmare (Rocksmith)
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A Bit More Lenient than Other A7x Songs, but Still Tricky Gigakoops
You start the song playing the xylophone with a simple sustain pattern. This gives way to the lead medley, which is also mostly sustains. Take this as a small warmup of what's to come.

The verse has you strumming green notes, then hitting a few chords. After this, there is a fast HOPO pattern that happens four times per verse. If you don't know what you're doing these segments will trip you up. But if you're like me and can handle HOPOs of this speed, it's a lot of fun.

The chorus is mostly chords, and gives a little rest before the next verse. Then we have the solo, which starts with a lot of sustains and a few HOPOs scattered around. Then we begin the HOPO chains, which are short, but have you moving around quickly. Then there's a fast strumming section, which has you strumming lanes of 21st notes and moving a bit before more HOPO chains.

The bridge has mostly palm-muted notes and chords, before giving way to a nice sweeping HOPO pattern, then repeat.

The song is easier than other songs from the band, but it's no cakewalk either. It has a good bit of variety, as always, and is all-around fun.
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Nightmare. The 1st track off of Avenged Sevenfold's album, Nightmare. Pretty fun song. One of the best A7X DLC songs available for download on Rock Band.
Guitar- Extremely (emphasis on extremely) fun song! The solo is fun, and easy, and it's just an enjoyable song, not too easy, not impossible.
Bass- Equally as fun as guitar. After the beginning before the first Chorus, the bass part sorta dies out. Not as fun as it was when the song started.
Drums- Not easy. Period. The intro is hard, and once the solo finishes up, it's just flat out impossible with one bass pedal. The Chorus is nice and easy.
Vocals- Simple. Any A7X fan will know how to do this and get 100% easily every time.
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