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Released October 18, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Hen in a Pumpkin (2009)
Author: RhythmAuthors

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Eric4372 - "I can't hear this song! Did the charters forget to crank up ..." -- Read more
A detailed review of the guitar chart zyyzyyzyy
In order to provide an adequate review of this song on guitar, I am going to break this review up into sections, kind of like a report.

This 8-minute long song basically consists of 3 minutes of repetitive riffs, followed by 9 solos, the most solos in a single chart in all of about 4,700 songs currently available on any Rock Band game ever released, on any insturment (not including customs or C3). The solos are no joke either- this song is known by many to be one of the hardest in the game. It is ranked #5 on the Top 100 on ScoreHero.

The intro to this song is about 3 minutes long and is basically a never ending sea of red-orange and yellow-orange two-note chords, with a few extremely slow triplets featuring two green notes followed by one of those two-note chords. There is absolutely no variation whatsoever in this section, so enjoy the long hike to the solos.

Eventually after 3 minutes of the intro, you get a green-yellow two-note chord, followed by a bunch of hammer-on triplets that alternate. This section only lasts for about 30 seconds, and despite being slightly more difficult to hit than the intro, isn't very hard compared to the rest of the song.

SOLO 1 "canticarecero"
This is where the insanity begins. It starts with a moderately fast strumming strings on blue and orange with alternating frets as pull-offs, followed by extremely slow triplets that are super easy to hit, followed by the strumming again. Then, you get a bunch of pull-off triplets that change tempo from super fast to not as fast but still fast. Then, you get trills that change frets everywhere and will be very difficult to hit (virtually impossible with one hand), followed by HOPO-patterns with random strums, followed by a 20 NPS triplet cluster similar to the One on GH3. This is the longest solo in the song, but not the hardest one. Also, just as a note, between each solo is a guitar pattern that isn't that hard to hit but almost seems like a filler between solos, similar to Hangar 18.

SOLO 2 "serpegemini"
This solo is basically two fast HOPO snakes separated by a strumming cluster on orange and blue.

SOLO 3 "flavovia"
This solo consists of a yellow strumming cluster with some orange and blue snuck in as two-note chords with yellow, which isn't that hard to hit. Then, they'res another HOPO snake that leads to the end.

SOLO 4 "eritquarcus"
Another giant HOPO snake, but this one is faster than the ones in Solos 2 and 3 and has random strumming. It will be very challenging to hit in a real run.

SOLO 5 "infertneth"
Welcome to hell. Alternating 20 NPS triplets that go all over the board and at one point shifts from GRY to YRG is all you need to know. This is the hardest solo in the song and one of the hardest solos in Rock Band history. It also has green-anchor trills that act as triplets at points after the hard part, but nobody really cares about that because of the behemoth of a triplet cluster that almost no human being on earth is physically capable of hitting.

SOLO 6 "gepersomol"
Basically mirrored Dream Genie patterns on steroids with a snake HOPO and random strums everywhere. It's a refresher from solo 5 if you somehow get past solo 5 (for those who don't play on No Fail), but it's still super difficult.

SOLO 7 "frefertneth"
Slow ascending triplets that alternate slightly but is hittable. It's probably the easiest solo in the song, it's actually easier than probably 6-8 Megadeth guitar solos available on Rock Band, maybe more.

SOLO 8 "ancharulamis"
Similar to Through the Fire and Flames intro, but easier and the trills come back to red from yellow, blue, and orange, anchor green. It's not that hard if you understand how anchor trolls work.

SOLO 9 "morfertneth"
This isn't solo 5, but it's the next step below it. It has 20 NPS double trills that alternate similar to the ones in solo 1, but even faster. Then, you get those first note HOPO-second note strum patterns that go everywhere randomly that are annoying as hell to hit.

Immediately following solo 9, you get a really fast strumming pattern that makes this song extremely chokeable as well as hard for those who somehow survived the 9 solos. Then, they'res a snake, then the pattern that separates the solos from each other, and then you're done.

This is one of the hardest songs in the game. I guess it can be fun to the elite players, but if you're not elite, don't buy it.

Grade: C
Rating: 3/5
Difficulty: 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴
Solos: 9

For more information, visit or watch the video featuring the lone FC run ever of this song at
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WARNING: NO PART zyyzyyzyy
Contrary to what the difficulty ratings suggest, there is NO vocal chart on this song. Do NOT buy this song if you play vocals as your strong instrument.
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this song has about 10 guitar solos where some are impossibly hard. too bad u hit consistent chords for the 1st half of the song which is probably 3 minutes.
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