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Released February 27, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Secrets Are Sinister (2008)
Author: TheAuthority

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Heavy focused on alternating hands, interesting rhythms Karmeleaux
Yeahyeahyeah, the song starts out with a standard rhythm on the hi-hat, then switches to a two-handed hi-hat version of the same thing. Two-handed hi-hat is as fun as ever (at this speed and complexity, at least, which is pretty fun), but the song starts to bloom into its own deal after that.

It goes back to the first rhythm on the ride, but shortly into that it mutates in a rhythm I've never seen before: The right hand keeps playing the ride, while the left hand is playing the hi-hat on the red (as the rhythm is two-handed again, right also hits snare on yellow). It's interesting and fun for the short time it's there, then it goes into a fairly unique simple tom rhythm.

The standard two-handed hi-hat rhythm is the glue of the song, but the tom rhythm comes back up again for longer later, followed by a short fill. Two-handed hi-hat during the guitar solo, but once we get back to the chorus it starts to show some more unique stuff again.

It switches back to the standard rhythm, thorwing in long snare rolls with bass underneath between measures. And finally, my favorite part: Snare rolls into crashes in a manner similar to the end of Sunday Morning. This is really fun, and after that the song kinda tapers off in anything noteworthy, but it ends shortly afterwards anyway.

What I'm trying to say in sort is that this song has a lot of different rhythms that are pretty fun, it's a good investment for a dollar, I feel.

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