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Released July 16, 2009 for Rock Band
The Dead Weather 01
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Horehound (2009)

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Okay chart, pretty average Madotsuki
This song almost literally starts with a Big Rock Ending, and it really surprised me (as it was my first time hearing the song, ever), in this intro you're at first playing some long chords as well a bunch of random little notes and hammer-ons/pull-offs in between, until the verse starts and everything changes.
For all of the verses (except the beginning of the first) your mostly playing some long single notes, and since the verse is most of the song, you're doing this nearly the whole time.
The loud part (or the chorus, whatever, its never repeated and its just the lyrics from the verse pretty much), is quite different and is actually pretty fun. Its similar to the strange intro, as you will be playing alot of long held chords with some tricky little fills that contain some HO/POs in between some of the chord changes.
However, this section doesn't last long, and the song heads into another single-notes verse that lasts for awhile until ending.
By the way, just a warning, after a long held green note at the end, theres a couple more greens at the last second. Hope you remember, it honestly surprised me.
Overall, this is an okay guitar song but just doesn't have anything besides the loud part/chorus to be any better than a 3/5.
If you mainly play guitar, you may want to look elsewhere, but this song has an okay chart.
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