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Released December 8, 2008 for Rock Band
Rock Band 2 Bonus
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Genre: Punk
Album: 12:34 (2007)

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A Tad Repetitive but Fun Nonetheless Gigakoops
This song has mostly alt-strumming straight notes in it, but hey, I like alt-strumming.

The verse riff has a streak of yellow with YR and YB chords once every measure. This would be the part that does start to get weak, as there's practically nothing else during the verses. The choruses offer fun alt-strumming chord patterns that transfer from chord to chord in fancy fashions. The solo has you strumming a lead medley, which offers a bit of variety.

In conclusion, this has very little to add in variety, but what's there isn't boring to play. If you have the RB2 Bonus pack, you have this song, so why not try playing it for yourself?
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