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Released August 2, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Album: Licensed to Ill (1986)

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Much More Fun on Guitar Hero Somehow... Gigakoops
If it weren't for the two solos, this would get a 1-start rating from me, because it only has one riff, and it's not even fun. It's essentially rising and falling power chord sustains, over and over again. Only during the verses there's very long pauses.

Things only get interesting at the first solo, and that's only because it's essentially a wall of notes. Now I can't tell if it's accurate, since it's Slayer's guitarist just doing a bunch of whammying, but it could have been charted to be more fun than this. It's similar to the solos in Pulse of the Maggots in randomness, though it's not nearly as fast.

The second solo does have a few fun bits thrown in, with some strange HOPO patterns sliding around the neck. But that's not enough to make this song worth playing IMO.
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