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Released July 10, 2012 for Rock Band
Daughtry 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Leave This Town (2009)

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No Surprise? This keys chart does have one! Poinkish
Out of the two keys songs available this week, this is the harder of the two. But when you start playing you'll be wondering why, most of the song just consists of a bunch of 3 key sustains, with an additional singular sustain that you have to hit in between. This goes on for next couple of minutes, until something really unexpected happens!

Suddenly, during the quiet part midway through the song, this crazy note snake suddenly comes at you, requiring you to alternate pretty quickly between Orange, yellow and Green and has you zig-zagging back and forth for a good while. This parts pretty challenging yet fun, but sadly it doesn't last long enough as you go back to the three key sustains again shortly after.

That middle part livens up what would be a pretty dull keys chart otherwise. Not bad.
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Yawnsville! Poinkish
Where as "Crawling Back To You" was a fairly standard Bass chart with a few interesting deviations, "No Surprise" is a totally unremarkable bass chart with almost no variety.

The song basically consists of a load of slowly strummed rows of single notes which rarely ever switches up, if you're lucky you may be blessed with an occasional hammer-on or two, but those pare few and far between, the only other form of variety are boring long sustained notes every now and then.

"No Surprise" is quite an apt title really, as you won't find any when playing this on Bass. Weakest bass song of the week, and the one I'd recommend you dedicated bassists avoid, unless you really enjoy the song.
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Some interesting parts, but average overall. Poinkish
Much like "Crawling Back To You", "No Surprise" falls into the same category of simply being just okay.

The structure of the song should be very familiar to experienced rock band players, it all kicks off with a series of steadily strummed 2-3 note chords, with an occasional 3 note gallop every now and again, it's a solid start.

Then after that you're thrown a series of steady zig-zagging single notes that move back and forth down the fretboard, then it's back to another chordy section, but unlike "Crawling Back To You", this part has a bit of variation with some single note hammer-ons that encourage you to slide your finger over to the next set of chords.

Then the most interesting part of the song kicks in, consisting of bursts of steadily alt-strummed single notes that all end with some interesting chord hammer-ons, I wish there were more parts like this as this part is actually genuinely interesting and fun. But sadly it falls back into the formulaic structure that a lot of songs like this fall into.

It's a solid chart, and slightly more interesting than "Crawling Back To You", but not by much. The only song I'd really recommend is "It's Not Over" for you dedicated Guitarists.
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