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Released December 22, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Emo
Album: Ocean Avenue (2003)

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Solid vocals song. penguinarmygen
If you remember this song, it's probably going to be overtiered at a tier 3. If you don't, it's definitely a challenging song. The choruses are significantly higher pitched than the verses are, and some with deeper voices may need to switch to falsetto to be able to hit the choruses. The bridge is probably the only part that's really challenging on this song if you know it walking in to it, but only because the song doesn't give you much of a chance to catch a breath there. Also, note that going from the bridge to the last chorus, you have one very small window to activate overdrive. After that, you don't have another chance until after the song.

It's definitely a fun song. Not challenging, but should be good at parties, especially if people remember it when it was popular.
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Ocean Avenue - Guitar nighthawk2727
This song isn't going to push you to the limits, so if you are looking for an impossible challenge turn away. It is a pretty straightforward song as you'll do a lot of strumming with chord changes for most of it.

However, one of the verses towards the end switches it up with a surprisingly difficult note pattern that might catch you off guard the first run through. It isn't anything that will cause you to fail, but it might break your note streak a couple times. It isn't a solo, but a nice variation from the usual chords.

I recommend the song because even though it isn't particularly difficult, it is pretty fun to play along to. Most songs tend to favor one instrument over another, but this one is pretty enjoyable on all of the instruments. If you have the spare points, pick it up. Even if you don't play it often, this one will get picked if you host parties.
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Motion Average. ...They can't all be zingers. Karmeleaux
So, despite the in-game genre being labelled Emo, it's fair to say you could call this Pop-Punk and people would probably have a better idea what to expect chartwise.

The verse rhythm isn't anything special, playing the root notes of the guitar chords. It gets some mention for having an engaging strum pattern to keep you paying some amount of attention.

The chorus, meanwhile, is straight edges, with a sustain at the beginning and end of every fourth bar. It's the low point of the song, being an undefendable two-star.

But after the first chorus, the verse grows a little flourish that shows up sometimes, more often as the song goes along. The chorus gains a flourish as well, definitely the most interesting part of it. It also has two other rhythms in it, which aren't really notable on their own but add some variation. Then the end has a variation on the verse rhythm.

There is absolutely nothing outstanding in this song. Still, it has enough decent parts that nothing really bogs you down, and far more than is expected for a two-dot/Pop-Punk bass. So a three-star, it might be a pleasant surprise for fans in that it's not unpleasant, but most people unfamiliar with the song won't find much to draw them in.

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Great song for vocals nighthawk2727
This song is a great choice if you are a primary vocalist and have some points left over. It isn't entirely challenging to the point where you'll strain your vocal chords, but it also has enough variation to make it bareable even if you don't like Yellowcard.

Very fun on the vocals, and it isn't a bore on the other instruments either. I recommended this song not only because it is fun, but it goes over great at parties also. What's not to like?
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Solid bass riff nighthawk2727
Well obviously this song isn't that technical on the bass. It is pretty much a strumming song, very similar to 'The Middle'. You'll find yourself doing the same beat as the guitar most of the time, just without the chords. All in all I found it enjoyable.

I recommend the song just because the song is nice to listen to, it is decent for the other instruments, and the bass part is tolerable. Yellowcard is a pretty cool addition to the Rock Band platform.
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As far as drumming on this track, I was pleasantly surprised. It's only about 3 minutes or so, so there isn't too many variations on the patters you play. Knowing that it is an emo song, it's still an enjoyable chart. You get a good amount of snare fills and a couple of fills that go around the set. Nothing revolutionary, but still solid and enjoyable.
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Good song,a little to many fast rolls for my taste,but that would be fine but it just bothers me that this is ranked as a 3 teir song its more of a 4-5 teir,its a tuffy
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