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Released October 20, 2009 for The Beatles: Rock Band
Abbey Road
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Album: Abbey Road (1969)

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For The Beatles: Rock Band, This Drumming Is Above Average Alluminated Guy
Now, the drumming in The Beatles: Rock Band cannot compare to that in Rock Band, mainly due to the rougly 400+ other drummers in the game...

Compared to the other drumming pieces in The Beatles: Rock Band however, Ringo shines in this DLC.

Ringo following the simple staccato chords whilst tripling the high hats is something as a fun build up for the challenging rolls during the broken chords.

These challenging rolls including going all around Ringo's set whilst gradually speeding up.

For a song that normally doesn't have gusto to it (disregarding The Beatles aspect), Ringo makes it work enough to be fun!

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