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Released November 23, 2010 for Rock Band
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Imagine (1971)

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Oh yeah! Legato Suzuki
(Pro Keys review)

This is my favorite track off of Mr. Lennon's album, and my favorite Pro Keys chart to boot. It is just good old fashioned FUN.

However, the devil horns are properly placed here. The song is not difficult because of some insane solo, or some impossible chord progression. It is difficult because it does NOT let up.

You'll be playing a never ending set of intervals within a very unfriendly key. Had this been in C major it might not have even warranted the devil horns. Regardless, when you start to get in the flow of the song and understand how the flow of the chart works, it is extremely fun.

I will say that it would benefit you to learn this one with two hands, because you're really looking at a difficult one to play with one hand. You'll be using the full stretch of keys displayed on screen at any given moment as you bounce back and forth, and that can prove VERY tiring on a single hand since the song never really offers a break.

Highly recommended for any Pro Keys player, but then again I recommend the whole damn album.
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