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Released August 28, 2012 for Rock Band
Rock Band Blitz Soundtrack
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Genre: Rock
Album: ...Twice Shy (1989)

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Pure Fun Dr Sardonicus
I feel like the best kind of song to play is one that manages to work a lot of different types of playing into its chart, and it's never overly easy or difficult. Once Bitten passes this bar with flying colors, with one of the best charts in recent memory.

You start off with a riff that sounds exactly like the riff to "Taking Care of Business", which consists of chords anchored onto the red, mixed in with single reds. This riff manages to be really fun. This is followed by the verse, where you play 16 single notes on a one fret, then switching to the same on another fret, continuing to other frets, all with the occasional chord thrown in. When the piano comes in, you switch to chord sustains. You then go back and play the verse again, until you get to the chorus.

For the chorus, you play a fun mix of single notes and chords, which never really gets old for me.
Afterwards, you play every the verse and chorus again, until you reach the solo. The solo is insanely fun, with an awesome mix of chords and hammer-ons. It's one of the best from Blitz, and there's another one that comes up after another verse and chorus, and this one might be even better. After this solo ends, you're finished with the song.

Overall, the guitar chart to this is amazing. While some people feel it's incorrectly charted, I feel that the chart still manages to be really fun despite that, unlike some other songs *coughwaitandbleedcough*. This gets a glowing 5 stars, and if I could give gold stars, I would.
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This song starts out really really boring. The first verse and chorus are seriously just a simple kick and snare/hi-hat pattern, but without the groove. Super easy. Fortunately, the song recovers halfway through with a really fun series of fills, and then the song changes it up constant, with some fun fills throughout and some fairly jamming patterns. So if you can stomach the first half, the second is a lot of fun.
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