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Released October 22, 2009 for Rock Band
Queen 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: A Kind of Magic (1986)

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Pulls Itself Together Well, But Has Some Obvious Flaws Karmeleaux
The verse is built around sustains, but it moves around slowly and isn't straight strumming, so it's not bad, just not good.

The chorus changes every thing it's visited, first being straight forths with a repeated change in there, then changing to a gallop with a repeated partial scale, then becoming a gallop of the first chorus rhythm. It's mild fun, and the fact it changes keeps it from losing any points.

Where it does lose some points is the vocal break with no bass. However, it then comes back in with a solo rhythm, which moves around a good bit and has some HO/POs in there. However, while it's probably the high point of this bass, it's probably built a bit too much around playing the same note to be universally fun even if it wasn't for the other flaws.

Overall, it's sort of a bass that puts a lot of fairly average bass parts in there and comes out to something that should actually be fun enough to most people as it uses them wisely. As such, it's probably a fairly weak four star, but I can definitely see it appealing to people unfamiliar with the song, so there it is.

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