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Released November 29, 2011 for Rock Band
Roadrunner 02
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Genre: Prog
Album: A Dramatic Turn of Events (2011)

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Fun buy nascarfan19
I was very excited for this song's release. I was anticipating it when they announced Dream Theater returning to the game.

The song is complex and has a variety of notes and patterns. It's little to never repetitive. It also is a difficult one to FC because of that fast beat on the second verse, so players will be vying for the top spot based on who has the fastest hands.

I highly recommend!
11.30.11 4:33am 0 Replies | Reply +6 Relevance
Completely unbiased. Caleb
You see it correctly, a three. I really think this deserves a three, and here's why.

First off, the songs general pacing on guitar is pretty slow. You've got the same chugging riff pattern during all of the verses, and a slow acoustic picking part in the intro and choruses. The second verse changes it up with a sort but fun alt strum section though.

The solos are the only good part about the song I would say, but they are short, and gone in the blink of an eye. The first two are nearly identical, with the exact same patterns and speeds. The third solo is a bit more challenging, with a really fast finger twister part, but nothing outright impossible.

The song is overtiered for sure, and is actually a decent song to listen to...but it is just dull for the most part on guitar. I am a casual Dream Theater fan so this song really did not appeal to me on guitar. Drums and Keys sound more fun for sure though.
11.30.11 3:36am 8 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
. . . . . . Iron_Kakuzu
OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT. Okay I haven't written a review in a while, but my obsession with this song means i MUST write one.

PRO KEYS: BEST. CHART. EVER. No seriously, I really think it is. It's got everything a good chart (and a good song) can have - an eerie intro, a challenging but NOT IMPOSSIBLE 'guitar melody' section with a unison on both times it shows up, fast sections on synth and organ, slow sections that match the guitar/vocal line, an incredible solo, a few chord fests, and a technical outro.

There isn't a section of this song that I believe is impossible, like that one evil unison in TTFAF near the beginning. I'll agree that a lot of it is really difficult, yes, but it's fun and absolutely worth the two dollars. Keys players, you'll have to practice this one. A lot. ;)
11.30.11 2:50am 2 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
I love it! sageamagoo
Pro keys on this song are amazing. You have to put a lot of time into learning it, but once you do, it's easily one of the best DLC songs on the instrument. Jordan Rudess' solo is one of the best I've ever heard.

If only the other Dream Theater songs had keys...
01.29.14 7:57pm 0 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
Easy! moopuns
The only thing you need to worry about is the intro and the three dispersed solos. Otherwise, this thing is ovetiered.

The solos are fun, though! The first two are before the choruses and very similar. The last one is insane near the end, like any good solo should be. It's the one failing point for some.
I passed this on my first try. Easy for a progressive metal song. Still, get it.
11.29.11 10:20pm 0 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
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