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Released November 29, 2011 for Rock Band
Roadrunner 02
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Genre: Prog
Album: A Dramatic Turn of Events (2011)

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Reviews (5) >> Review by Caleb (Guitar) Show:
Completely unbiased. Caleb
You see it correctly, a three. I really think this deserves a three, and here's why.

First off, the songs general pacing on guitar is pretty slow. You've got the same chugging riff pattern during all of the verses, and a slow acoustic picking part in the intro and choruses. The second verse changes it up with a sort but fun alt strum section though.

The solos are the only good part about the song I would say, but they are short, and gone in the blink of an eye. The first two are nearly identical, with the exact same patterns and speeds. The third solo is a bit more challenging, with a really fast finger twister part, but nothing outright impossible.

The song is overtiered for sure, and is actually a decent song to listen to...but it is just dull for the most part on guitar. I am a casual Dream Theater fan so this song really did not appeal to me on guitar. Drums and Keys sound more fun for sure though.
11.30.11 3:36am 8 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
Caleb - Every time I play the song, I get the same chugging rhythm during each verse, the same slow sustain-scale during pre-choruses and choruses, even if the riff changes a tiny bit, the same base pattern is there, and doesn't do much to change it up and keep it from being redundant.

I have played many long songs where each riff was noticeably different. BTBAM songs come to mind, no riff is the same in those songs. Obfuscation, Selkies, Prequel, they all are fairly lengthy, and carry a wide variety of riffs that keep it moving along.

I might as well come out and say it, since this was Dream Theater I expected a lot out of this. panic attack had lots of changing riffs, and lots of interesting patterns that kept the song fresh for the whole 7 minutes. This song didn't really offer that. And being that I don't like this song, combined with (IMO) a disappointing chart, equals something in my eyes which is mediocre. THAT'S ALL. I don't see why you need to prove my opinions wrong and call me out for my opinions on what "fun" is supposed to be. I didn't do anything to you, or did I say anything bad about DT. It's just the song, and my experience. Reviews are supposed to help people make up their minds, and the fact that we both have different reviews helps people actually think without blindly buying. So really, all I am saying is....we are different and accept it.
12.09.11 2:18 am
Runa216 - "and that you absolutely LOVE the song"

Lemme stop you there. I actually hate the song, I'm not a fan of the new album and I'd prefer basically ANY Dream theater to this. No, I reviewed the song based on how FUN it was. IT was fun. a lot of fun. In fact, the only reason I can tolerate this song to listen to is because I find it fun to play.

How can you possibly say it has no variety? the riff is changing and altering itself up dozens of times throughout the song. There's no boring chordfest (and even the chords are mixed up with interesting strum patterns), you're ALL over the board, and like every 30 seconds it's a new an 8 and a half minute song, that's a LOT of variety. That's more variety than most Rock Band songs.

To complain about it being slow, I can kinda get that since it's not as fast as other songs and there is some negative space in there while the keys do their thing, but to say it has lack of variety is just wrong. Factually inaccurate.
12.09.11 1:32 am
Caleb - Um...excuse me? you are pretty butthurt. Because I read your review of the song, and you even proclaimed that Dream Theater was one of your most favorite bands, and that you absolutely LOVE the song. When you react to my review in such a manner as you did, you come across as very...very...butthurt.

I see your point of view with how it is, and I get it. The mix of challenge and doability is there. But when I play this song, it doesn't really scream out "FUN!" for me. Like I said, the solos were a blast to play! It's just that the rest of the song was plodding! Outside of solos it had no variety.

I can care less about difficulty, in fact one of my favorite songs on guitar is code monkey. CODE MONKEY. It's just that in a song that's 8 minutes long and counting, a little variety would have been welcome. I just didn't get that from this song!

The only time I mention "Overtiered" is at the end. THE END. And I even just briefly mention it. I did not rant about it or anything. You just saw that one thing, and flipped.

And lol at your last sentence. God forbid that other people have opinions on what is fun or not.
12.08.11 9:56 pm
Runa216 - I'm not butthurt, you obviously don't know fun when you see it, and most of this review is "it's overtiered". Like I said, every riff is a lot of fun, three solos, plenty of variety, and an ideal mix of challenge and doability.

If you can't see that it's objectively a great guitar track, then I'm sad for you.
12.08.11 8:10 pm
Caleb - Don't act all offended because an unbiased casual dream theater fan gave an honest opinion. The song is overrated, and honestly not good. in my opinion! And being that I don't care for the song, how can I enjoy a chart, which just comes across as mediocre? The song can be 8 minutes long, and have a perfect balance of difficulty, if the riffs at least changed from time to time. Instead you get drawn out verses and choruses with the same pattern being played. I'm sorry you are butthurt, but honestly....GET OVER IT. Reply
12.08.11 1:49 am
Runa216 - I agree it's overcharged, but the length, variety, and perfect balance of challenge is basically the ideal in Rock Band. It's hard without being HARD (I agree it's not top tier difficulty) but still hard enough to not be boring. every riff in the song is fun, every solo is awesome.

all I see in this song is "it's overtiered so I'm gonna get all butthurt over it". I'm sorry, dull on guitar? don't make me laugh.
12.08.11 12:38 am
Ride the Piggy - I agree with this review. Definitely overtiered. The Opeth song this week was more of a challenge than this song and there isn't even a large "fail potential" since the solos are extremely complex. Reply
12.02.11 12:59 am
M_Robbins5 - I don't have the song but I saw the guitar chart and I agree with you.
When I saw the Gold Star rating on the song I was quite shocked.
11.30.11 5:44 am
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