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Released March 29, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Inhuman Rampage (2006)

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Operation Ground and Pound (Guitar Hero 3)
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Hardest RB Guitar chart ever XeMpLiFyy
If you played GH3, you'll remember that OGaP (abbreviation of Operation Ground and Pound) was probably the easiest of the four Dragonforce songs the game had to offer (3 DLC, Through the Fire and Flames on disc). It was a fairly fast strumming pattern that was easily hittable, and had some difficult solos, but nothing to the extent of TTFAF, Revolution Deathsquad, or even Heroes of Our Time. Most players who ever five starred a Dragonforce song will agree this was probably the first, if not easiest, they were able to do.

Rock Band 3 flips that idea and smacks you in the face with it. This is by far the hardest marketplace-released DLC Harmonix has ever given us. Sure, Chasing the Light, Reaper, Burn (Mike Orlando), Baptized by Fire, and a few others are pretty higher up there as well, but that is not the point.

Solo 4, mostly all of us have at least seen a video, if not attempted to play this behemoth. It gives us some of the fastest trills we will ever see, at 26.6 NPS (notes per second). On the Rock Band engine, don't expect this full song to ever get FC'd.

The chart is far less enjoyable than the GH3 chart. The strumming patterns are the same, so it isn't too hard, but the intro is charted as all strumming, not the HOPOs that GH3 saw. The solos have some RIDICULOUS charting (see solo 4a, 4c, 4d) that simply are not fun to play.

Unless you are UKOGMonkey, or some other demigod of Rock Band guitar, don't be discouraged if you can't pass this song, and if you aren't hardcore about the game, this might definitely be a pass.
04.02.11 6:47pm 8 Replies | Reply +9 Relevance
If you've played one, you've played em all. Nubnut
Well for those of you who don't know Dragonforce, which is kind of rare for rhythm gamers, you need to know one thing about the drums. Essentially, buy this and not TtFaF. Why you ask? Well the difference between the two is almost unnoticeable aside from fills and the fact that OGaP has a very fun intro.

Also, DF's drummer is infamous for doing merely the same thrash beat over and over for every song. So if you don't like quick double kicks, long sections of constant bass pedal, quad fills everywhere and a pace that never lets up and will likely break the right wrist of even experienced drummer; run, run as far as you can from these songs.

And finally, I'm kinda torn whether or not to give this a 3 or a 4. As yes, it is fun if you can do it and has an energy that never stops. However if you already bought TtFaF, own GH: Smash hits, or GH:WoR you essentially have this song already (aside from those evil, evil blasts in Fury of the Storm). However, if you don't own those and are looking for an challenging and tiring song to work your bass pedal skills on, then I would say this is definitely a good investment.
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Operation Ground and Pound - A Vocalist Review Xtreme Nights
Alright, I got all the music that has released today, and I would have to say that this is my favorite vocal song. It is an upbeat song, and the vocals are challenging. The reason why I call them challenging, is for the fact that you have to change your pitch quite a bit. This song is a song where you have to sing quickly most of the time. During the break, where there is a guitar solo, there is a lot of Cowbell to hit, which to me make the song sound bad. But there is always room for MOAR COWBELL right? When the song comes back in, it is slightly easier, since it has more "Woahs" then anything. But be careful, there is a high pitched "Ah" right at the end that can catch you off guard!

My final opinion on this song? Due to it not being a vocalist song, but because it is still fun and challenging, I will give it 5 stars, instead of gold. I say everyone should pick up this song and Through the Fire and the Flames as well, as they are both fun on all instruments. TtFaF review up next.
03.29.11 12:57pm 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
I am torn m2cks
My God, this is a divisive song for me. On one hand, I absolutely cannot stand DragonForce. Though "fantastical" power metal can be good (I am personally partial to Rhapsody of Fire or even Amberian Dawn), DragonForce's songs sound very suspiciously similar melodically, and their vocals/guitar solos sound too processed and "created in the studio".

On the other hand, this song was a BLAST to sing! A part of me wants to just forget everything I hold dear and proclaim this song to be awesome despite the circumstances. The verses are fast paced and might require some practice in order to nail the lyrics, and the two verses are different in melody, which is actually a nice touch. The pre-choruses go to extreme high levels in pitch, and then lead into a more even-layered chorus. And then the obvious "whoa-oo-whoa-ooohhhh" part that the band furiously clings to in each of their songs. Soon after, I advise the vocalist to find a good spot to sit and relax while his/her bandmates battle it out with their skittles. After an eternity, the chart leads back into a chorus, which sweeps up a pitch, and then leads into the "Yaaaaa!" outro. Overall, the song, ignoring my hatred of it, is fun to sing and good to practice falsettos on.
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This is a very tiring song for drummers. It's mostly a thrash beat with double kicks. Some of the fills are very difficult to hit (such as the quick switches between red and blue). Not a bad chart, but it looses a lot of the fun for going on for so long without much variation.
08.16.16 1:50am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Way too tough SneakCoot
This may be a fun drums song for some. It is simply not the case for me. I needed to take breaks every once in a while when doing this. I highly recommend doing this with two pedals, but if you aren't too great using two pedals, it won't help much. As it has been said before, it's the same pattern over and over just like the rest of DragonForce's songs (excluding the ballads). Overall, if you have a great amount of endurance and are looking for a challenge, this is a good song for you. If you can't move your arms very fast and you don't have endurance, don't play this on drums or at least play it with No Fail on
02.16.12 9:02pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
??????????????????????????????? PanteraCFH81x03
I just have one question. WHO IN THE WORLD CHARTED THIS???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????

I am going to give this a one star rating, because it is charted HORRIBLY, BARELY even passable, and boring (because of it being impossible).
07.07.12 7:45am 4 Replies | Reply -7 Relevance
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