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Released November 20, 2007 for Rock Band
Rock Band 1 Import
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Genre: Rock
Album: Here at the Home (1990)

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I Won't Hide My Smile Karmeleaux
This song ALMOST made it four-star for me, despite it being tier zero. Why? Because tier zero is a lie to mess with people. Just listen to the preview, that's not tier zero.

Indeed, even when the song is starting out, it has small fills into every sustain, some of which contain small HO/PO chains. There IS a lull during the 'I think, who knows, what it is' (bridge, maybe? I won't call it the chorus) where you're playing half notes on a single fret with the only redeeming factor because a syncopated note on the transition.

But soon we get into the second half of the song, which is what the preview is playing and man is that a fun bass part. It's not TERRIBLY complex (though easily tier two or three), but it's just really fun to play, the slow scale, the hammer-ons, the strum pattern and finger placements are all enjoyable to me. Just...Not two and a half minutes of enjoyment.

Really, the only reason this falls short of four-star is because the song's five minutes and only has two major rhythms. They're both pretty fun to get a groove into, but it won't be enough for everyone.

Also, God, I love the sound of this song. Also, so deliciously cynical.

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