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Released July 13, 2010 for Rock Band
The Vines 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Highly Evolved (2002)

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Great chart, lots of movement, fast alt-strumming Madotsuki
This is one hell of a bass chart.
Throughout the verses your playing notes all over the fretboard with some quick HO/POs added in here and there that are alot of fun, then the chorus is a bit more easier, you're mostly playing rows of notes that have hammer-ons before switching, and then another verse.
For the bridge theres rows upon rows of fast notes that must be quickly alt-strummed, and be warned, there are some HO/POs snuck in every once in awhile.
After that bridge, it gets pretty difficult as you have to start steadily strumming as you switch back and forth between frets hitting tons of HO/POs, and let me just say, your streak won't last too long.
Overall, this is a great bass chart that has tons of movement in the verses, a easy chorus, a chaotic bridge, and a tricky outro, that all together make an amazing bass chart for an amazing song.
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Catchy, fast guitar, fun solo, great rhythm Madotsuki
The intro is pretty much just feedback charted as single notes, I would have preferred HO/POs, but oh well, there are some near the end of the intro, cleverly placed to trick you.
This song is mostly chords (or power chords, whatever you want to call them, this isn't real guitar anyway), but unlike most 'chordfests', this song has a great amount of movement between chords, some short alt-strumming before chords sometimes, and an amazing rhythm to pull you along.
Theres also a great solo that isn't really too hard, but its not exactly a linear single note fest....well, actually, it is, you're playing a repeating pattern mostly comprised of single notes, but there are alot of hammer-ons thrown in, and the solo changes it up near the end of it, rather than just repeating.
Overall, this song is actually fantastic on guitar, its fast, catchy, and just overall great to play. Its not too difficult either, making it easy enough for someone whos not too good yet to enjoy, but still hard enough to keep the attention of more skilled players.
If your mainly a guitar player, this is a pretty entertaining song to have in your library, and I would recommend it if you're looking for something with a balanced difficulty.
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Chorus Get Outtathaway Karmeleaux
Wow. This song has an incredibly fun verse rhythm, probably a five-star part. It's hard to describe, there's some scales, there's some short HO/POs, great movement, a great time.

But the chorus is your standard straight eighth note affair, unfortunately. The guitar solo is eighths as well, though it moves around better and throws in a strum pattern change or two. Worse yet, the bridge is double-strumming sixteenths for a length of time. There's a short HO/PO chain in here, but it's pretty average overall.

Despite the strong showing of the verse rhythm, I was leaning towards a high three-star because the rest did not impress. Luckily, the rhythm changes one more time in the final chorus, and it's a hoot as well. It's a slow scale around the fretboard with a HO/PO of the next color leading into the next two strummed notes, it's another one that it's about a five-star rhythm in fun.

Overall, it's a pretty fun bass part, though the fun has peaks and valleys instead as being as consistent as Ride. As such, I personally recommend Ride over it, but this is still very strong.

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Lots of consistent kicks, catchy, fun rhythm Madotsuki
While this song's drum chart is fairly easy, it also is extremely fun, as it often keeps your arm's attention, and your foot moving.

This song has very consistent kicks through many sections of the song. In the beginning you're playing over the hi-hat and snare, with some easy kicks until the hi-hats speed up and slow down, in which the verse begins and you start playing more consistent notes. During these verses you're often playing consistent kicks that start and stop, with a linear rhythm over the hi-hat and snare.

The choruses have more consistent kicks at a different pattern but instead you're playing over the crash. During the bridge theres consistent kicks and multitudes of toms until you start playing over the ride, with lots of short little easy-to-hit fills being thrown at you quite often, all the while kicks keep you moving forward.

Overall, this song is extremely constant, with lots of consistent kicks and easy to play fills, and fairly linear beats at a nice rhythm that move around the drum kit as the song changes. Its obviously alot of fun, and while its not hard, its definitely a drum chart that you will come back to often.
Recommended for drummers, hell, recommended for everyone.
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