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Released March 20, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: New Wave
Album: Cargo (1983)

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Best Guitar DLC of 2012 so far! Poinkish
Seriously, this came right out of left field for me. The amount of variety and movement in this song was is staggering! Throughout the entire song, it's a really enjoyable mix of single note strumming, and 2-3 note chords that change up so often, and have you zig-zagging up and down the fretboard throughout. What makes this stand out from the rest of the pack, is just how wildly erratic the pattern changes are and how the song blends these 3 elements together, they're constantly switching around, it just adds that extra bit of fun and challenge to the song, more than enough to entertain you throughout. It's one of the best flowing Guitar charts in the game to date, and I'd happily recommend this to anyone who plays Guitar.
03.21.12 1:18am 10 Replies | Reply +7 Relevance
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