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Released July 26, 2011 for Rock Band
Yes 01
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Genre: Prog
Album: 90125 (1983)

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Owner of a Lonely Heart (Rocksmith)
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Great Chart, Awkward OD Pathing AeonFrodo
Well, the bass chart of this song didn't disappoint, even though it does have easy sections in the verses and the chorus. However, it does try to stump you in the second verse with a random hammer-on section from out of nowhere.

The bridge of the song contains the majority of the fun in this song. A lot of hammer on parts to keep you on your toes and moving between the green and blue notes. Can be really easy to stuff up, especially since it changes in the final bridge part so it's more between the red and orange notes.

But the real difficulty lies in the Overdrive pathing if the player wants a high score. So there's a lot of re-playability in this song for bassists. That's because the Overdrive notes at the end of the final verse really makes it difficult to judge whether to activate before, during or after the player nails those notes, therefore finding a good high score path is difficult to achieve.

Overall, this is a fantastic song and a great bass chart, and I'd recommend bassists to get this song.
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Nice, pretty entertaining Madotsuki
This drum chart is actually pretty interesting. One of the qualities of the song is the quick little electronic drum parts at the intro and during the interlude.
The rest of the song is actually not so bad, you're mostly playing a steady rhythm that isn't too boring, but not exactly that exciting, but it changes enough to keep your attention.
Overall, this song is pretty nice and has some little changes and minor tricks to keep you from getting bored. I'm giving this a 4/5 because I feel that it is entertaining enough to deserve more than a 3/5, but doesn't contain anything too crazy or interesting enough to deserve a 5/5.
06.11.12 12:32am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
standard HGinCT14
Owner of a Lonely Heart is that drum chart that doesn't try anything spectacular. it has a steady 4/4 pattern through out and you'd almost mistake it for a slower rock track if the other instruments weren't there.

That said, doesn't deter that it is a wonderful song, but don't be surprised if you don't get the crazy progressive drumming you were expecting.
07.28.11 6:37am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Largely Owner of a Lonely Part Karmeleaux
Most Yes songs vary between a three-star and five-star part, so I give them four-star. This one varies between a two-star and four-star, so I'll give it a three-star.

Quick note before we start, for the sake of this review, I'll consider the 'owner of a lonely heart is much better' part the post-verse and the 'owner of a lonely heart' part with the backing vocals the chorus. I'm not sure what the game says, but I don't care.

Ignoring the bass chord intro, the large majority of what you play for the first half of the song is the root notes of the guitar intro. You do this for the verses. You do this for the post-verse. You do it during the guitar solo. It's repetitive, and it's an uninteresting part for how much it's used. Later into the song, after you're already burnt out on the rhythm, it does offer some slight variations, but nothing that really redeems it.

However, the chorus rhythm is very fun, moving quickly around the fretboard, and varying even moreso as the song draws to a close. This is easily a four-star part on its own, but ultimately it's REALLY weighed down by the other rhythm.

It's got a fun rhythm in there, but your fun is pretty heavily gated on how long you can tolerate the main bass part. It doesn't run into the problem of a lot of Yes songs of blank spaces, but it noticeably lacks on a lot of the spontaneity that can be found in other songs. It's not as long as others, but it still manages to drive one of its rhythms into the ground faster than the longer ones. Probably the weakest of the Yes bass charts out there, but even then, as I said, it's still got a redeemable part.

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