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Released March 4, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Swoon (2009)

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The Achilles' Heel of the Song Karmeleaux
As of typing this, this song has gold star reviews on everything but bass. And I don't think it's ever going to get it on bass (I certainly hope not), as it's frankly a subpar experience.

You open with this rhythm that's kinda cool and moves around the fretboard a bit. Awesome, yeah, nice intro riff. Then it's most of the verse riff. Then it's the bridge riff. Then it's the solo riff! It's something you're going to be playing a lot, and it's not going to sustain you that long.

The verse also has another rhythm in there that comes up, which is just alternating between two notes in a nonstandard strum pattern. The chorus is straight eighths slowly around the fretboards.

It's a bit unfair, because it's a groove I could see myself really getting into on real bass (although I would variate at SOME point), but I guess it just doesn't translate well enough to the game. But it's got some movement and variation in there, so there's still hints of enjoyability.

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Alt-Strumming Heaven Madotsuki
This song is pretty simple at first, mostly single notes, until some alt-strumming, and a pretty boring verse with a few chords here and there, and then the song really picks up. This song seriously is alt-strumming heaven.
The pre-chorus has a long row of quick alt-strummed oranges for awhile until the chorus. Theres lots of chords that must be alt-strummed quickly here, as well as alot that aren't, so be careful.
The second verse is alot more different from the first, and you will be quickly alt-strumming some chords that are then held (kind of similar in a way to 'I Fought the Law'), until switching to the next chord, etc.
The solo has loads of alt-strum notes that are pretty tricky and tons of hammer-ons/pull-offs in the beginning that will make fly all across the fretboard quite quickly until changing to some more quick alt-strumming notes all over the place.
For the interlude you're mostly just alt-strumming a bunch of yellows for awhile until it changes eventually.
Overall, this song is fun as hell and contains tons of alt-strumming notes that just make playing this song so great.
If you're mostly a guitar player, this a great song to practice your alt-strumming skills, and I would still highly recommend it even if you're already great at it.
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Panic Switch: Cool guitar. Caleb
Most of the guitar here is chords and sustains, and LOTS of alt strumming.
But just because it's a chordgasm doesn't make it not-fun. It also comes with a sweet guitar solo that will most likely ruin a SR FC attempt.

Also, beware the last note! It caught me by surprise.

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Panic Switch: A good vocal run Caleb
This song is actually pretty fun to sing, it's hard to explain why though... It's got that awesome James Bondy feel to it, and it's a great song to groove to.

The song is not in my range though, my voice can't go high enough for most of the parts. But I would still recommend it.
05.11.10 2:42pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Yay cakes doobers
I've been looking forward to this song on rockband,so when it finally came,(in my mind)it was overhyped.The song itself is great but its a little repeatative.But the difficulty of the chours is perfect.Even though your basiclly doing the same thing for 6 minutes its still a great song.
03.28.10 10:00am 0 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
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