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Released August 30, 2011 for Rock Band
I'm With The Chili Peppers
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Californication (1999)

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Dead Player - "God damnit Harmonix, stop screwing up the guitar chart for a..." -- Read more
A lot of strumming, but pretty fun CloudWolf
Okay, let's first get one thing out of the way:

Yes, the chart mainly consists of alt-strummed single notes, so people that don't like that are going to hate this chart.

That said, I really enjoyed this bass chart. Why? Because the strumming is quite fun, it's constantly moving at a steady pace which is easy and fun to keep up with. It also never stays on the same fret for long, so you're pretty much constantly moving your hand up and down the fretboard. If you're like me and you like steady strumming patterns on bass, this song is a must-have.
08.30.11 2:35pm 0 Replies | Reply +7 Relevance
One hell of a drum chart Madotsuki
This is one of the most exciting drum charts that I've played in awhile.
For the verses of this song you're playing a flurry of hi-hats with a snare on each beat as well as consistent kicks that later on become a bit more syncopated. However, it doesn't always stay that way, every once in awhile you gotta hit the snare with your left hand rather than your right, which may take you by surprise the first time.
The choruses are probably the easiest parts of the song, where you'll be doing some random easy stuff that I don't feel like explaining right now.
The outro has to be one of the most craziest drum parts I've played in a long time. You will be on the ride playing some tricky quick snares and tons of consistent, as well as syncopated kicks. As the outro continues, it gradually gets crazier and faster and adds in some crashes and even more syncopated kicks, until you're playing a million notes a second without even noticing it (unless you can't handle it, lel).
Overall this is a great drum chart with each of the sections having their own great moments and all being quite different.
If you're mainly a drummer, I would highly recommend this song for you, as it incredibly entertaining and has one of the funnest RHCP drum charts.
05.12.12 3:51am 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Worst bass part I've played this year. Saxy Man
There's not much to say about Parallel Universe. When you start the song, you're immediately strumming straight sixteenth notes (think Lucky Denver Mint) with any stops being only a sixteenth note long. It's incredibly frustrating and not fun to play at all. If you're just cherry picking from the pack, I suggest you look elsewhere.
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Ummm... ouch! RBAddict666
This song was just NOT fun on Bass at all. The entire chart consists of nothing but 4+ minutes of alt-strums throughout with a few split-second breaks. My hand was starting to get tired after just about a minute and then when the speed picked up at the end I just couldn't keep up. I don't mind alt-strums but when they go on throughout the ENTIRE song, I just don't like it.
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Strumathon a go-go Ospero
This song is the low point of the Chili Peppers pack on guitar, hands down. It's basically an alt-strumathon the likes of Edge of Seventeen or Don't You Want Me. The only reason I give this two stars is that there are a few parts in there, including a short solo, that are actually halfway fun to play. Otherwise, though, this is just hand-hurtingly bad. Avoid if cherry-picking for guitar.
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