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Released July 30, 2009 for Rock Band
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Dressed To Kill Tour (1975)

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Out of the three songs in in the KISS pack this one is probably my favorite on guitar. Parasite has one of the funnest guitar riffs in recent memory. Filled with escalating hammer ons this one is a treat. It doesn't hurt that it isn't very difficult either. However the solo actually puts a damper on the song, the solo being just plain dumb. It's not difficult, just alot of off rhythm parts to it. It doesn't flow as well as the rest of the song. Thankfully it is short and goes right back into the part I loved. A good amount of variety is contained in here, but unfortunately nothing really stands out. A nice treat but you'd probably be better off saving your cash unless you are a fan of the band/song.
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