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Released February 26, 2008 for Rock Band
Nine Inch Nails 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Lost Highway (soundtrack) (1997)

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The Perfect Example of why NIN songs needs more talkies Dead Player
So basically, like most of the other Nine Inch Nails songs, the song have the potential of being a fun song as it have alot of change in pace and singing style troughout the song...

...But it gets ruined by the fact that it is nearly impossible to sing it properly/naturaly due to the extreme overuse of pitch charting when Trent is basically just shouting, leading to some akward falsetto singing for the Rock Band vocalist.

And even if you can sing the shouting in a falsetto voice, it doesn't make it easier at all to sing the ambient breathing sounds just before the super chaotic part that is ALSO pitch charted.

It might just be my awfull Trent impersonation, but I also found it hard to get an Awesome even on alot of the more melodic phrases where singing it properly actually would have been possible in theory. The outro seems to be pretty well charted though, so that is a pluss.

Unless you are the greatest Trent Reznor impersonator in the world, or a expert at hitting pitches in Rock Band no mather what, chances are this might be more annoying than fun. The closest to a perfect NIN vocals chart (that I know of) at the moment is Head Like a Hole, so get that instead if you are purely a Vocalist.

The Drums in the song are awesome though, so if you are a Drummer this should be a instant buy.
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Alluminated Guy
Many people have complained that this should be given a low rating because the drums on this song are done by a machine.
I'm going to give these people a reality check, you are playing on a machine, on a virtual set of drums, who are you to complain.

Now, for the song itself on drums, it's brilliant.
I always like songs that always give you something to hit, yet don't try and fail you. This is like that ( unless you suck ).
The entire song is composed of mini-sections, each with it's own beat and groove, so you can pick your favourite. The main point is that this song has many different features, and you have fun playing them.


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Decent bass brought down by lots of empty space Edfan
First of all, we all know that The Perfect Drug was, more or less, put in solely for us drummers. As someone who mains drums, I have no complaints. Unfortunately, the other instruments are pretty lacking and empty, special mention going to bass.

The bass consists primarily of alt-strumming, although it's at a relatively slow speed so it's possible with downstrums only. It also tends to shift around and occasionally change pattern to held notes or several different notes played one after the other, however the main pattern you'll see is alt-strumming.

Here's the catch: There is an absurd amount of downtime for the bassist. First of all, you do not even begin playing until shortly before the first chorus. After you are exempt from playing for another few different sections, you get to the "drum solo" part of the song that goes on for well over a minute. During this, you have no playtime.

You know that slow section at the end? Well, I'll guarantee you half of your final score with come solely from that part, because it actually has notes for once. It's honestly not that bad of a chart, but considering you are only playing for about half to two-thirds of a 5-minute song, a two will have to suffice.
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Drum machines are good. moopuns
Sure, this chart is intimidating, but when you break it up and learn it chunks at a time, you realize the beats are unique and can be handled fairly easily.

Now, this chart is unique, one of a kind. Sometimes, drum machines are simple, basic, never-changing. Other times, they are erratic, robotic, and just about impossible to mimic. This chart is that, but it is NOT impossible to do! In fact, very fun! I wish more charts were unique and daring.
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Drum machines? Bad? Pfft! Heyo_Jake
Like "Allimunated Guy" said, people may think this is instantly a bad chart because the song's done on a machine. But to those people, you are playing on a virtual set of drums, a machine, so who are you to complain?

Anyway, onto the chart. As someone who is not that bad at drums (I've fc'd about 40-50 songs) this song has the perfect balance of challenge and ease for me. The beat on the choruses are my favorites, because, well, they're fun.

I'm terrible at writing reviews.
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Mediocre. moopuns
Trent Reznor (aka NIN) has a very unique voice. Harmonix just could tap into that. They charted this more as a harmony-based chart, which TR is hardly based upon. Sure, this is fun to sing, but this could be charted way better.
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5/5 ordealbyfire
I don't care too much for the song itself - I'm not a big NIN fan - but this song is great on drums. Not much to say that hasn't already been said.. challenging and fun with plenty of fills and interesting bits up until near the end of the song - GET IT.
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Mostly chord strumming, some interesting chaotic alt-strumming thrown in too.

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