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Released September 13, 2011 for Rock Band
Weezer 04
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Make Believe (2005)

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Above-average chordfest, great solos, pretty fun chart Madotsuki
This song was surprisingly, very engaging and entertaining.
The guitar chart begins with a few 2-note chords then jumps right into a solo that has some 2-note chords, single-notes and HO/POs here and there, but its still fairly easy to FC.
After the solo it goes into a guitar-less verse, but don't worry, there isn't really much empty space for the rest of the song.
The other sections of the song is mostly a chordfest, with alot of 2-note chords, but unlike most chordfests, its very active with alot of constantly switching between chords while consistently strumming. You're usually holding one finger on one color, then using your other finger to repeatedly jump back and forth on another color as you gradually move and play different chords around the fretboard.
Later on theres another solo that isn't too hard, but is a bit more difficult then the first one, and after that, you're mostly playing alot of single-note sustains for the rest of the song.
Overall, this song is pretty active, with quite a bit of movement, an above-average chordfest of a chart, and 2 fun, easy solos. That being said, this is a very fun chart.
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Hardly Ideal Karmeleaux
This song is straight quarter notes the entire time through, mostly two measures of playing one fret then moving to another. Overall, it's not very fun.

But there ARE fun parts. There's small flourishes in the verse occasionally, in the chorus more often, and after the guitar solo there's a fun part of short HO/PO chains into sustains. These are undeniably enjoyable on their own, but they're held back by the rest of the song.

If you're excessively patient there's some stuff in there for you, but even fans will find this one somewhat lacking.

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Pro Keys: Very active, easy, fun chart Madotsuki
For alot of this song you're playing 3 three-note chords that are played consistently at a linear rhythm without any tricky variation, until the song's sections change.
The other sections feature some single-notes where you descend down the keyboard with a number of steady, easy-to-hit notes that jumps back up and descends again, lower, repeatedly, which is all alot of fun.
The interlude is charted a little awkwardly to be honest, you're basically playing the chords from the main progression at the pace of the changes, but its charted so all 3 of the notes from each of the chords are spaced just a little bit apart from each other, making it nearly impossible to hit fast enough.
Overall, this chart is very active and entertaining, with very few minor flaws, and is also fairly easy to play even for people that suck at pro keys, like me.
If you mainly play keys, you will very likely enjoy this.
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