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Released March 8, 2011 for Rock Band
Depeche Mode 01
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Genre: Pop/Dance/Electronic
Album: Violator (1989)

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First half is pretty dull, second half is fantastic Madotsuki
The first half of this song is pretty bland on bass. You're mostly just playing a few single notes with short sustains with some normal single notes here and there, especially in the main bass riff.
Theres not a whole lot to talk about for the first half besides that, but the second half is where the bass really gets to shine (especially since the guitar is mostly playing nothing).
For the second half you're playing some extremely fast single notes that gradually move around the fretboard, as well as a number of HO/POs that are thrown all over the place.
Its pretty fast especially compared to the first half of the song, it comes as a bit of a shock at first, and it may require some alt-strumming.
Its not too difficult, however.
Overall, this song is pretty boring for the first half on bass, but it gets kicked up a notch on the second half.
If your mainly a bassist, this can be fun if you don't mind sitting through the easy first half, but if you don't have alot of patience (if your a bassist you GOTTA have patience, I mean come on), you may or may not like this one.
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Fun, dark rhythm, second half mostly nothing but empty space Madotsuki
The majority of the guitar part of this song has a dark-galloping rhythm (thats what I call it), and is the rhythm that is obviously audible in the song. This 'riff' is pretty fun for the most part, and its repeated often throughout the song, a 1/2 a step up at certain points.
The "alone...telephone" sections have no guitar. Meh.
There are some more verses where this riff repeats. Alot.
The rest of the song's guitar part is a chord followed by a HO/PO chord, and is repeated after long blank spaces for the rest of the song, until the end.
Pretty much, I'm giving this song a 3/5 as opposed to a 2/5 because the riff is fun and changes quite a bit, enough that its fairly entertaining. I'm not giving it anything higher than a 3/5, because theres way too much empty space for the second half of the song, and you're just sitting there bored for the rest of the song.
If your mainly a guitar player, I would recommend staying away from this track, its fun with a full band, but alone, its a complete bore for the second half of the song.
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ProKeys are awesome Icanutoo
Yep, a little disappointed with playing Andy's bass part on the Squier (RB4 needs multiple instrument mode like harmonies), but if you've ever watched the older videos of Depeche Mode (Composition of Sound days), they actually played every note for some complicated songs (Ice MAchine/Photographic/etc.).

Synth programming has changed that a bit since, but it was a nice touch by DM and Harmonix to include the harder part at the end of Pro Keys.

IT takes some practice, but the song is defintely accomplishable and fun.
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Uhm, you would think this would be good at least on Keys? WRONG.

1)The beginning is a bit boring, as you play only one black key following what the bass player is doing.
2)The middle part is made of quintuplets on a black key, a bit mediocre and not that fun
3)The final part is going to hurt your hand, seriously. : |

Unless you intend to learn the epic part of this song on Pro Guitar/you're searching for well known songs you should avoid this, as it's mediocre on every Legacy instrument and annoying/not fun on Keys. The other two of the pack are WAY better!

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