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Released May 22, 2012 for Rock Band
Maiden Epics
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Genre: Metal
Album: Iron Maiden (1980)

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A Nice Piece of "Classic" Maiden! Poinkish
Well, HMX's official first full band devil tier song, does it deserve such an accolade? On Guitar? Yes and No depending on the player, the key to doing well at this song is knowing how to anchor the lowest fret, seeing as the main riff consists of a rapidly strummed alt-strumming pattern that has you bouncing back and forth between green, and yellow frets with some chords thrown in every time you finish the riff. It may look intimidating at first, but if you learn how to anchor (Holding the lowest fret down while moving your fingers toward the higher frets) it's not that hard.

After about 2 and a half minutes of the main riff, a more laid back section kicks in that has you strumming steady single notes that constantly travel up and down the fretboard, it's a nice break after the main riff, and a good warm up for what's to come.

The first solo is brief but fun, with short bursts of quick hammer-ons and some well placed trill lanes that are quite comfortable to hit. It's one of the more accessible Maiden solos so far in the game. A pleasant surprise.

The next part is probably my favorite part. A 50 second long side by side Guitar and Bass duet that has you playing one long string of three note hammer-ons that keep descending down the fretboard and then back up to the top, rinse and repeat until about halfway through when some fun alt-strumming is introduced to the riff.

After that, some steady chords strumming, some gallops, and a very challenging second solo segues you nicely back to the main riff of the song for the last 50 seconds or so. It's a great ride from start to finish.
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The Guitar charts' lower pitched twin brother! Poinkish
So, the first Paul Di Anno era DLC song, how does it stack up on bass, very well actually. One of the most attractive aspects of this song is it's synchronicity with the Guitar chart. It's something that you don't see that often in music, but it's a treat when it does come up! The main bass riff plays out almost identical to the Guitar riff with you anchoring the green fret while moving up to the yellow fret and back, the only exception is that instead of chords in between the riff, you'll be playing single notes instead. Much like the Guitar part, so far so good.

After this comes a more laid-back section, with a lot of steady strumming up and down the fretboard, this part also shares the same idea of synchronicity with the Guitar chart, but with one minor difference, there's a few gaps scattered throughout, making this slightly more relaxed section in comparison. Is nice!

Keeping with the instrumental harmony theme this song has, the next section has you playing a really fun long hammer-on string that has you playing in the opposite direction compared to the Guitar, going up the fretboard three notes at a time, from green to orange and then back again. Sounds great, and the fact that only the Guitar and Bass are even playing at this point just makes it sound more epic.

The bass part splits off from the Guitar chart about halfway through this section though, and instead opts to give you a long series of alt-strumming single notes to play that move up and down the neck at a consistent rate. The first part of this section is a great chance to test out your anchoring skills again, as the lanes change up often and have you moving back and forth quickly. The latter half is filled with more conventional alt-strumming that requires a quick mind and a steady hand to keep a combo on.

Then for the last 50 seconds the song reverts to the main riff again. It's a great bass chart that bounces off the Guitar chart nicely, and they both complement each other well. Recommended.
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Strong 3 to Light 4 murakaz
It almost pains me to give this a 3, as the song is quite awesome, but it just isn't all that great on vocals due to excessive downtime.

The song starts out with 2 rounds of the chorus and verse, each phrase starting frantic and ending with a held note. These are great fun to hit, though not actually challenging as you only need to get most of the held note to combo the phrase. I would say those who see the difficulty tier as a negative (or positive) shouldn't put too much weight in it as it's actually more of a 2 or 3 dot in the RB3 engine.

After that comes the alt-verse, which is a nice change of pace. You are then treated to four minutes of tambourines and single-word talkies, before finally given another taste of the chorus and verse at the end.

I would recommend it to anyone who's plays multiple instruments; as guitar, bass, and drums are a lot of fun... but I can only recommend the solo vocals and harmonies charts to those who really like the song.
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