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Released September 15, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Beyond (2007)

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This was a nice surprise. Basing the guitar chart of Feel The Pain, being my only taste of Dinosaur Jr., I wasn't expecting too much for guitar but was thankfully disappointed. This is a great song and probably the most well rounded guitar part to be seen in the game. There's something for everyone here; Elite players will have a challenge FCing this song and your more average guitarist will find a song that's challenging, but far far far from impossible.

The song begins with various chordfest patterns and might I note that, if one hasn't mastered the whole chord switching routine, this would be an excellent place to practice as it has some demanding chord changes but at infrequent locations but sometimes a bit faster than one might expect. It sounds dull but in execution it is superb.

After all the singing and whatnot is finished are treat to a very bluesy and extensive guitar solo that very much reminds me of songs like 'Maggot Brain' by Funkadelic, albeit much more upbeat. The solo has you going up and down the fretboard constantly, painting a beautiful picture using sound.

Although not nearly as hard as some songs in the same tier, 'Pick Me Up' is undoubtedly a test of a guitarist's mettle and I would have to say a definite purchase for plastic guitar players.
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Definitely surprised me. DoofiestDoofz
I was sitting here, expecting something really similar to Feel The Pain. The result? My mind was blown.

The song starts out heavier then what I expected. To begin the song, there are a good amount of chords snaking up and down the fretboard, with the occasional triplet to strum.
After a few minutes of this, the song takes a huge spin around, and the entire feel of the song just immediately changes. The song slows down about halfway through, and the notes turn to be slower, yet still fun hammer-ons to a sustained note with the occasional two-note chords.
After about a minute of that, the song busts out into solo, and the solo, in all honesty, is simply just phenomenal. The beginning of the solo is a fair amount of hammer-ons going up and down the neck with some weird strumming in between some notes. As the solo progresses, some faster chords come in, then some trills come in. Later in the solo, it starts to get a little bit harder with some faster hand movements for hammer-ons and chords up and down the neck. The ending of the solo is probably the hardest part of the song, in my honest opinion, because the hammer-ons speed up, with some more chords movements.

The song is definitely a song most people could play. It's a great practice song, or a great warmup song, because it has a little bit of everything you'd find in any guitar song all packed into this song itself.

This song progresses really nicely, from some heavy alternative to this slowed down, amazing guitar solo. The main reason I got this song was because of its high ratings, and this song definitely deserves its gold stars.

Basically, if you're a guitarist, this song is a MUST buy.
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Pure awesomeness DoofiestDoofz
I honestly have no idea how this song can be rated anything other then gold stars on drums. Sure the song doesn't have too much on drums, but it's SUCH a good song! It's a song you HAVE to enjoy while playing it.

The base of the song is wrapped around a basic beat, with a bounceback snare hit. The majority of the song is repetitive, but the song is so good, you won't even notice. The song doesn't get hard until the second half, where everything calms down. The only reason the song gets hard is because of the fills. Almost every single fill is a crossover fill. The hardest part in the song is the end. From memory, the end is played as 8th notes on the snare, then progresses to 16th notes, ending with a final cymbal hit.

If you're looking for a song that's good on any instrument, GET THIS. This song is actually amazing.

On an unrelated note, I managed to get gold stars on the final cymbal hit. The VERY last note in the song.
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50 Times better than Feel The Pain Nascargo19
If you play Guitar, you will not be disappointed with this one. That is all that needs to be said.
04.07.12 5:46am 6 Replies | Reply -2 Relevance
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