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Released October 29, 2009 for Rock Band
Wolfmother 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Cosmic Egg (2009)

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Joker and the Thief Done Right Karmeleaux
Fans of my reviews (please, hold your applause until the end) might recall I called the verse rhythm of Joker and the Thief 'decent.' This song is built around the same rhythm for the verse, so why is this guy getting an above average rating?

Several reasons. The verse rhythm here's got more variation in the actual groove, and it's a bit faster so it's more engaging in general. Also, the second verse has a pretty cool scale leading into it that I just have to mention somewhere in here.

It's also combined with more than dead space, and the sustains in the song (mostly the chorus) are shorter and have a strum pattern that keeps it from being mind-numbingly uninteresting.

But what probably pushes this into definite four-stars area is the bridge, where the rhythm changes entirely, doing two scales from yellow to green then one from yellow to orange. It's pretty fun to play and has some variation in there, then leads into the guitar solo before it gets old, where the bass plays another verse rhythm with even more variation in it.

To me, it's overall a fun bass (and upstrummable!), and actually for the most part more fun than the guitar (which is a continuous shuffle during the verses).

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