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Released December 7, 2010 for Rock Band
Queen Extravaganza 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: The Game (1980)

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... And I just lost it... Edfan
Queen has an odd habit with their keys. They are either extremely active and fun (Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody to Love), or flat out boring and sparse (A disturbingly large amount). Thankfully, Play the Game belongs to the former.

You get plenty of movement all throughout the song as it sends chords, single notes in a slow, but fun manner. During a few wacky parts, it may throw a bunch of chords at you at once, which are fun to (try to) nail.

Plus, unlike many other keys songs, you are playing for the WHOLE SONG. That's right, no stops, no 3-minute breaks, heck, the guitar has more breaks than the keys!

This is not a hard song by any means, but it's fun, engaging, and it's Queen. Plus, the other instruments (besides guitar) are not bad at all either.

Unfortunately, the Extravaganza 01 pack's only good keys songs to go along with this one is We Are the Champions. If you've got other instruments, go ahead and buy the pack.

... Dammit Queen, you manage to troll the entire world years before The Game was even created. You clever masterminds you...
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Uninteresting GEROMY
Queen guitar charts are fun when you're playing something, but filled with way too many gaps to be enjoyable. Play the Game is no exception.

What you do play isn't even all that great. After the first chorus, you play a few power chords, followed by some single-note sustains and a slow trill on the red and yellow frets.

After another forty seconds of doing nothing, you play pretty much the same thing, except without the trill.

Thirty seconds pass, and you play a bunch of two-note chords and single note sustains that mimic the keyboard part.

Then there's an uninteresting, slow solo with a kind of enjoyable brief HOPO chain that goes up and down the frets at the end which is sort of enjoyable to play I guess.

You play a bunch of solo-y HOPO licks in the last thirty seconds of the song which ARE enjoyable, but after three minutes of near-nonexistent guitar it doesn't save the song.

The solo-y parts are okay, and push the song up to a 2 (or a low 3, if you're feeling generous). Skip this song if you're not on keys or vox.
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