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Released February 11, 2010 for Rock Band
Rust In Peace
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Genre: Metal
Album: Rust in Peace (1990)

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Not as good as the rest of the pack, but still pretty fun zyyzyyzyy
This is probably the worst drum song in the Rust in Peace pack (minus Dawn Patrol), but that's like picking out the least attractive diamond in a jewelry store. This song is pretty good on drums, it just lacks some of the characteristics that the other Rust in Peace have to offer for drums.

It starts out with a pretty slow beat to the bass, before a fast drum roll comes in and the song thrusts into the main riff and chorus. Then for the rest of the song, you have your typical Megadeth thrash beat, with the bass petal charted in all the ways you would expect. Sometimes the thrash beat on yellow, and sometimes it's on blue, and sometimes you get a nice little break from the thrash beats, and thankfully these breaks have unison bonuses that are very helpful throughout the song. It's only three minutes long, so this song should t kill your hands and feet, either.

Overall, this song isn't that bad, it just lacks some of the authentic drum patterns that other songs in the pack (Lucretia, Tornado of Souls, Five Magics, etc.) have to offer, which gives them a ton of replay value. This is a very high 4-star song though, and it's still very fun to play.

Oh yeah, and as far as difficulty goes, since the thrash beats are kind of fast, it's at least a 5/6, though it shouldn't give any experienced players trouble. It's not something that Hard-Expert drummers should really attempt on Expert, but it's Megadeth, so I don't think they would expect to pass this first try on Expert anyway.

Grade: B+
Rate: 4/5
Difficulty: ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️
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