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Released March 26, 2009 for Rock Band
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Genre: Grunge
Album: Ten (1991)

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An Excellent Bass Part, Then There's the Rest Karmeleaux
This song really showcases Jeff Ament's talent. Then it showcases his patience.

The song begins with bass chord sustains, then goes into a fairly standard bass rhythm from there. It quickly switches up again and it goes into a noteworthy fun movement that involves single HO/POs and all the frets.

Then it gets to an area that is an absolute blast, no question. All sorts of HO/PO combinations as you move around all the frets. It's fun, plain and simple.

Then it changes again! But this is a change for the worse. Long green sustains. And I mean long. You keep thinking it will change again, but no, more long sustains. It's painful, and it's such a drastic change from that last rhythm it may give you whiplash.

The end eventually gets back up to standard bass fare, and Jeff Ament is about to throw some more fun things in there.

But it's got ups and downs, and the difference between the two might really put off some players. I know in the past I've played the first half of this song then just have chosen to quit out and pick a new song. But still, it's got some really fun stuff in there that's worth checking out, it's just coupled with some stuff that's not.

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