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Released August 9, 2011 for Rock Band
Def Leppard 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Mirror Ball: Live & More (2011)

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Pour Some Shook-Up Ramen! Bront
First thing's first. Yes, it's a live track. Yes, it's in a different key than the original. No, it doesn't sound bad, but it certainly is different, and that might be an issue for many folks. It's not that bad overall in my opinion.

I wasn't thrilled about the guitar chart, which went from over the top nuts, to long pause boring, to fairly simple, to fun stuff, and back again. The long string of notes at the start and later on in parts of the song isn't quite as boring as it could be with the occasional shift down a fret for a note. The quad-HOPO section in the intro brings back memories of "Don't Stop Believing", but shouldn't fail most expert guitarists out outright if they've gotten that far, as it's not quite so long. The long pauses with the occasional chord are kind of boring and let you linger on the song a bit (see my point in the first paragraph). But, there are some fun single/chord parts, a fun solo, and a fun flourish or two in there as well.

It's a borderline 4 out of 5 rating chart. It has many average and a few dull moments, but it has some very interesting ones on occasion as well, which won't let me drop it down to a 3. Sadly, some of the party appeal was killed by it being live and so vary different. I don't regret it being in my library, but in my opinion, it's the worst song in the pack on guitar.
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