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Released December 27, 2011 for Rock Band
Fueled by Ramen 01
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: All We Know Is Falling (2005)

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Pressure on Expert Bass! Cipher Peon
On Expert Bass, this song is a lot more fun than it initially seems with some surprising Ho-Pos and even has an incredibly fun Ho-Po spazz in the middle of the song. Definitely the second best Paramore song on Bass in the Rock Band series behind Misery Business. Oh and it's a tad bit undercharted in my eyes, mainly because of the Ho-Pos that come out unexpectedly.
12.31.11 4:51pm 0 Replies | Reply -10 Relevance
Pressure on Expert Vocals/Harmonies! Cipher Peon
Now THIS is what I expect from Paramore DLC. Top notch vocals with really fun lyrics and pitch changes. Also the backup vocals are awesome and really fun too. Singing Paramore gives this paramount and transcendent experience that no band can ever compare. And Pressure doesn't disappoint. Just as amazing to sing as the other Paramore songs, singing Pressure is an experience that one should not miss. Like ever.
12.31.11 5:01pm 0 Replies | Reply -11 Relevance
Pressure on Hard Pro Drums! Cipher Peon
To be honest, I was expecting Pressure to be incredibly mind blowing on all instruments except for Pro Drums, which I thought would be alright. But I was completely wrong! With incredibly fun and varied patterns, the song never felt exhausting or boring. Definitely the second best Paramore song on Drums behind Misery Business.
12.31.11 4:56pm 0 Replies | Reply -14 Relevance
Pressure on Expert Guitar! Cipher Peon
Easily one of the greatest guitar and most legendary guitar riffs of the whole Rock Band catalog. Incredibly fun to play and has an incredibly accurate chart. A tad bit overtiered, but that's ok because it doesn't detract from the incredible experience of the song.
12.31.11 4:47pm 0 Replies | Reply -15 Relevance
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