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Released November 25, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Grunge
Album: Down On The Upside (1996)

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Pretty Noose (Rocksmith)
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nice rhythm with good variety HGinCT14
This review is for Drums as well as Pro Drums:

The way I see it there are two types of drums songs on Rock band 3:

Those that are merely a translation from standard to pro, which Pro Mode doesn't add much to the experience.


those songs that are vastly different on pro and really add a new dimension to the song.

Pretty Noose is the latter. While not being fast, or extremely difficult, Pretty Noose has a unique rhythm that incorporates a lot of tom action into the rhythm; this type of addition really adds a lot to the pro chart and makes players like myself really fawn to get a good score on it. this is a must buy for drummers, especially those who are also Soundgarden fans or just grunge fans in general, and it only gets better on pro drums.

*Highest Recommendation*
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Chord-focused bass with occasional scales, trill variations Karmeleaux
After you get through the unnotable intro, the verses are built around a chord rhythm with a different scale every forth time.

From there, the prechorus switches up the chord rhythm, and the chorus has another chord rhythm (with HO/PO chords!) with these sort of half-trills with some variations every other measure.

That's largely the chart. The guitar solo has a variation of the verse, and as the end approaches the prechorus switches up a bit with some HO/PO chords as well, and the trills change their general shape as well.

Honestly, I really dig this bass, but it's a bit slow, a bit repetitive, and overall a bass I can definitely see some people not liking. It's not a bad one to look into, though.

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Slightly Annoying Chordfest With Kind of Cool Solo Dead Player
WARNING: This review is outdated. After playing the Soundgarden On Tour 2011 pack I realised this is actually pretty fun in comparison to their other songs. Defintly worth 4 stars even if the old review gives it 3 stars.

This is possibly one of the greatest songs ever recorded, that manages to be catchy as hell while still being a good kind of catchy. But of course, as with alot of catchy songs that are nice to listen too, it isn't that fun to play in a rythm game.

The song starts off with a easy sustainish leadriff, and then goes over to the first verse, that mixes a few chords with single notes. Then the chorus comes, which starts off pretty much like the verse, but then goes over into a slow alt-strum chordgasm. Sadly though, as the song progresses, the choruses gets more and more random shit thrown into them that is sure to break your combo at the first playtrough.

In the second verse you play the intro lead riff instead of chords, which is nice as it gives some variation, and after the second chorus we get a guitar solo that is actually pretty fun for being mainly alt-strums. After that, we get another chordy riff for a little while before the song ends with the third chorus.

If it wasn't for all the random annoying notes that progressively comes into the chorus during the song, I would have given this a 4 our of 5, but since it gets more annoying than fun after a while, and the fact that I am pretty sure my opinion on this song is slightly biased because I am a huge fan of Soundgarden, it lands on a solid 3. Buy it if you are a fan basically.
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