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Released March 5, 2009 for Rock Band
Texas Flood
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Genre: Blues
Album: Texas Flood (1983)

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Simple but Fun Blues Shuffle Karmeleaux
And again I'm reminded that harder is not always better, as I thoroughly enjoyed this song much more than Testify and Rude Mood.

The song is built around a shuffle, but the 'and' note of the rhythm is nearly always a different fret as well as being a HO/PO. It slowly moves around the fretboard, and rarely repeats the previous movement. And of course, no bass that is pretty cool is complete without the occasional scale.

Really, the only thing I can see being a turn-off is the tempo. It's somewhat slow, and I can see it being a bit grating to play if you're generally into songs with faster tempos. But if not, you'll probably enjoy this a good deal.

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