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Released December 21, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: El Diablo (1990)

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LunaticSoul - "I just wanted to say that this song refers to: -Sex -Dru..." -- Read more
Not difficult in the slightest-- but hella fun for a warmup GEROMY
Foreign language songs tend to get overlooked because of the Americentric nature of the Rock Band community. Which is a damn shame, because there are plenty of high-quality gems in the pack! Litfiba were pretty popular in Italy during their prime-- but bah, who cares about these guys when we've got John Lennon?

Screw those guys. This song is one of the most enjoyable keys songs of 2010.

The entire chart is white keys, and it alternates between two kickass organ riffs. The bridge riff is simple, but fun to play, ending with a pair of simple two fun chords. It's very enjoyable one handed.

Afterwards, it segues into a rockin' church organ chorus riff that you swear you've heard before but you can't put your finger on it! While initially confusing, it's very simple once you realize that it follows the same Dm-F-Em-Am chord progression as the rest of the song.

Towards the end of the song you play three-note chords in the aforementioned Dm-F-Em-Am progression that make up the chorus riff before playing that riff again.

There are quite a few breaks in the song where the organ doesn't play, but they're not too long, and you get to listen to some cool guitar parts during the breaks, true.

I highly recommend it if you play keys-- it's probably the most enjoyable warmup you can get. Viva l'italia, é piú rock italiano, piú, piú, piú, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!!
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